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When mounting space is critical, the solution is M-SW680 the ultra small powered subwoofer. M-SW680 has a special 6 x 8 inch quad coil drive and despite its very small volume performs a deep bass and a very good dynamic range. The side panel provides easy access to high level The 280 mm x 195 mm footprint with a height of only 77 mm allows to place it in very narrow spaces where other products would be impossible to be fitted. The alluminim body assures greath stiffness for a good resonance reduction.or line inputs with auto-sensing function and sound controls. Driver size 6×8 inch Power 120 Watt RMS Frequency response 30 Hz – 150 Hz Signal to noise ratio > 100 dB Input sensitivity: RCA: 90 mV > 2.9 V Input sensitivity high level: 0.5 V > 10 V Power consumption max: 15 A Operating voltage: 9 – 15.5 V Size: 280 mm – 195 mm – 77 mm