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The MTX TX628T are high-end 28mm tweeters. These are the MTX TX665S tweeters elected best speaker of the year. They can handle 90W RMS and 360W peak (that’s a lot of power…). They have an impedance of 4 ohms to suit all amplifiers. Its small outer diameter allows them to be installed almost anywhere. Behind the mirrors, on the dashboard or at the top of the doors. To take advantage of it, you have to place the tweeters as high as possible to have the highest possible staging.
Their sound quality is exceptional. It goes very high, smooth, with a lot of detail and energy. Their large dome diameter (28mm) allows for a powerful sound with a lot of impact. The silk dome is the best solution to perfectly spread the sound and therefore reduce the directivity. On both sides of the car, you can hear every tweeter very well. To keep it small and hold the power, we use ultra magnetic neodymium magnets. They therefore remain easy to install. For filtering, two hi-fi grade polypropylene capacitors are provided. It’s simple and efficient.
Exceptional sound quality. These are the tweeters of the MTX TX665S kit voted best speaker of the year.
Luxurious construction with an extra large 28mm voice coil that gives incredible sonic impact and a silk dome for smoothness and directivity (sounds great even if you’re not right in front of the tweeter).
Ultra strong neodymium magnets to stay small and therefore easier to install and to ensure high power handling.
Passive filters included: Hi-FI grade polyprolylene capacitors to never weaken and always stay musical.
They are small, and therefore easily housed behind the mirrors or on the dashboard.
They boost the sound image impressively when installed behind the mirrors or on the dashboard.
Two silk dome tweeters
Voice coil diameter: 28mm
External diameter: 57mm
Peak power: 620W 3000 cycles
RMS power: 90W
Sensitivity: 93.5dB/2.83v/1m
Impedance: 4Ω
Response: 1500Hz-28000Hz
Installation depth: 16.5mm
Supplied with two passive filters (capacitors)
MTX wants you to enjoy your hearing for a long time. Excessive exposure to loud volumes can damage your hearing. The United States Department of Labor recommends not exceeding the following recommendations:
90dB: maximum 8 hours / day
92dB: maximum 6 hours / day
95dB: maximum 4 hours / day
97dB: maximum 3 hours / day
100dB: maximum 2 hours / day
102dB: maximum 90 minutes / day
105dB: maximum 60 minutes / day
110dB: maximum 30 minutes / day
115dB: maximum less than 15 minutes / day

120dB: immediate danger, 0 minutes / day